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Since this is an art so you can make paintings of other people and sell them by which you can become a professional painter. You can easily sell your paintings on buy sell classifieds which is the free classifieds advertising platform where you can easily post your ad and start receiving orders for your painting profession. These days this is the easiest way to reach the people who are seeking for a good painter in their local city.

Being an artist or painter, you deserve more than just creating a painting and keeping at your home because the artist is nothing if their art isn’t being seen by many people. To become a real artist, you need to start selling your paintings online because the internet is the only place where you can easily sell your paintings online. Making a painting is not easy enough because those who have learnt or want to learn how to make a painting can learn making painting and make painting.


Most painters often build their own store and start selling their paintings because that is the most convenient way for every big artist, but that cost even higher than selling through platforms like fizdi, mojarto, galleristetc. When you know that you will receive a high value orders then you might prefer your self-made platform which not only will save you lots of money but also give you full access and control over your sales.

There are many different popular paintings just like mona lisa, the starry night, the supper, girl with a pearl earing etc. which can be easily seen in various museums in the world. Most people prefer oil paintings because those are the longest-lived paintings but when people start learning painting, they often use water colors, wax colors etc. which are quite popular in schools and those are often being called drawings rather than paintings.

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